Todd Long Files Suit Against Grayson

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Todd Long Files Suit Against Grayson

Fights for Taxpayers


Orlando — This morning, Conservative candidate for Congress Todd Long filed suit against Alan Grayson in Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida in Orlando over Grayson’s controversial promotional DVD he sent out to 100,000 households at the taxpayers’ expense, costing $77,000. Long’s suit asks the Court to find this taxpayer spending violates The United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8, which limits Congressional spending to “the common Defence [sic] and general welfare of the United States.”

In the lawsuit, Long asks the Court to order Grayson reimburse the public treasury and pay for the expenditures with his campaign funds or personal funds and asks for injunctive relief to bar Grayson from spending any more taxpayer dollars on the DVDs or other promotional materials.

“The Defendant Grayson’s DVDs are clearly outside of what the Constitution allows. The Defendant and his colleagues have already bankrupted us and saddled us with a $13 trillion national debt and they are literally destroying our great nation with this reckless, abusive, and unconstitutional misappropriation of taxpayer dollars. The people in District Eight know I will always fight for them, whether it’s this abuse, securing our borders, or the numerous other areas where they are not doing their job,” said Long.


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