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History of Spending

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In September 2009, www.BankruptingPA.org launched the above video, The Story of Spending, which shows a timeline from President Roosevelt in 1933 where federal government spending per household increased from $3,474 to President Obama’s 2009 budget of $33,932 per household. Obama’s 2010-2019 agenda, however, is projected to cost a whopping $184,000 per household. Where does he think this money is coming from?

Our curent Politicians are engaged in reckless, unaccountable, out-of-control, spending. The Story of Spending tells the true story of government gone wild.

To those at the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives in PA, …..congratulations on a great video!!

So what do you think? Have you passed this onto your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers yet? The only way we’re going to prevent this from continuing, and actually reversing course is through education. And YOU are the teacher!!


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