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Kelly; Maybe Grayson Wants Them To Die

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Kelly; Maybe Grayson Wants Them To Die

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Kurt Kelly, one of seven candidates in congressional district 8 looking to take on Rep. Alan Grayson (D),  was recently interviewed on Fox Business and took the firebrand congressman to task over missing the vote to supply supplemental funding for our troops by saying, “maybe, he wants them to die”.

Kelly was discussing the $73,000 mailer that Grayson sent out to his district, at taxpayer expense, when he suggested that Grayson should have been more focused on our troops in the field rather that sending out a “puff piece” to potential voters.

It’s curious that Grayson, who touts ‘Peace’ as one of his campaign platforms, would miss this vote.  Is he pandering to his far left base at the expense of our troops?  There’s little debate that our troops deserve better.

RPOF Chairman John Thrasher, a decorated Vietnam veteran, had this to say about Grayson (and Kendrick Meek, who was campaigning) missing this vote;

“Every day soldiers from across the state of Florida fight to defend our freedom and Iraq and Afghanistan. Kendrick Meek and Alan Grayson shouldn’t let politics get in the way of providing essential support for these Floridians who are risking their lives on our behalf. The soldiers, sailors and marines this bill will support can’t miss missions or pick and choose which operations to complete, so why should their representatives in congress pick and choose what bills to vote for and which votes they can just sit out.”


Tom Tillison


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