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Diebel Camp Has No Answer For Tax Raising Past!

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Diebel Camp Has No Answer For Tax Raising Past!


Recently, the Karen Diebel campaign has become desperate and is engaged in a smear campaign against the front runner, Craig Miller, in the GOP Primary to take on Suzanne Kosmas in November. While registering only 3% in the polls, Karen Diebel has struggled to explain her tax raising record as a Winter Park City Commissioner. Instead of offering an explanation, she has chosen to attack Craig Miller with baseless allegations. However, facts are a stubborn thing.

Below is a detail Diebel’s tax raising record with citations:

Karen Diebel’s Tax Hikes

*Voted to increase the local business tax by 5% in 2007 and another 5% in 2009.
Winter Park Commission Minutes, 4/23/2007 & 6/22/2009

*Voted for an increased fee schedule in 2007 that included a $15 fee to process a business certificate, a 2% increase in garbage service, 12% increase in storm water rates, and a 3.09% increase in water and sewer rates.
Winter Park Commission Minutes, 9/24/2007

*Voted to allow an increase in taxicab fares.
Winter Park Commission Minutes, 2/25/2008

*Voted for increased fee schedule in 2008.
Winter Park Commission Minutes, 3/24/2008

*Voted for a fee schedule in 2008 that increased utility meter and recreation fees.
Winter Park Commission Minutes, 3/24/2008

*Voted to allow a taxicab trip surcharge and an emergency fuel surcharge.
Winter Park Commission Minutes, 8/25/2008

*Voted to authorize a $3 convenience fee for online or phone payment with credit cards.
Winter Park Commission Minutes, 10/27/2008

Please call the Karen Diebel campaign @ 321-972-8919 , and ask for answers to this record. It is one thing to claim that you are a champion for lower taxes, but you better have the record to back it up. Let her know that you won’t tolerate baseless attacks from a campaign simply trying to deflect from their own record.


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