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Patricia Sullivan Is Drafted For The Freshman 50 “Bullpen”

For Immediate Release Contact: Beth Williams, MBA July 14, 2010   Patricia Sullivan Is Drafted For The Freshman 50 “Bullpen”   EUSTIS, FL – Patricia Sullivan, Congressional […]

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Diebel Adds Another $310,000

For Immediate Release July 15, 2010   Diebel Adds Another $310,000 Earns “Contender” Status in the NRCC Young Guns Program Congressional Candidate Karen Diebel (FL-24) announced that […]

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Falconer Announces Lawsuit To Stop SunRail

Falconer Announces Lawsuit To Stop SunRail

At a press conference this afternoon at the Orange County Courthouse, Matt Falconer, who is running for Orange County Mayor, announced that he has filed suit to stop SunRail.

With numerous supporters surrounding him, he said, “It’s a waste of money. It’s binding the hands of lawmakers in the future. The Florida constitution clearly states you can not bind the hands of future officials on projects and future desires the present can’t pay for.”

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Financial Overhaul Passes Key Procedural Hurdle With 60-38 Vote

Editor’s Note – In what could be a major victory for Obama, the passage of the financial overhaul bill just got a lot closer. Much like the healthcare reform bill, this legislation has little to do with solving our financial problems in this country. Incredibly, it does not even address the leading cause of the financial meltdown, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

And, just as we saw in the 2, 400+ page healthcare bill, this 2,300 page monstrosity is designed to benefit the unions and far left advocacy groups. And, it sprinkles in the pre-requisite social engineering that’s destroying the fabric of this nation. Can’t be much doubt that it was the written by the radicals at the Appolo Alliance.

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Judge Throws Out Scott's Challenge, Scott Plans Immediate Appeal

Editor’s Note – Not sure if you catch it or not, however, by requiring the state of Florida to match Rick Scott’s spending, you have to ask one question – where is Florida getting the money from?

…some Florida taxpayers may be pleased to learn that they’re now supporting Bill McCollum’s campaign, others may not be!

Give’s one good reason to question a law such as this.

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O'Donoghue Launches Latest "Front Door Cam" Video

O’Donoghue Launches Latest “Front Door Cam” Video

(Winter Park, Fl)– With momentum continuing to build for his campaign for the 8th Congressional District, conservative small businessman Bruce O’Donoghue this morning launched his latest “Front Door Cam” video where everyday Central Floridians explain why they’re supporting O’Donoghue for Congress.

O’Donoghue also announced that he has expanded the news and new media sections on his website –

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News 13 Exclusive Florida Decides Voter Helpline

News 13 Exclusive Florida Decides Voter Helpline
Hat tip – Linda O’Keefe

This is an important election year, and if you have questions about all the different candidates and races, we can help.

Got questions about early voting, absentee ballots or the many offices up for grabs?

Call (866) 407-HELP.

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From The Hill

A quick round up of the happenings on Capitol Hill

Trouble in Paradise? NOW the Democrats are concerned about Fiscal Responsibilty? Can Obama be stopped from suing Arizona? Scott Brown – Will he, or will he not vote for finacial reform?

Answers are just a click away!

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Bondi Wins Convincingly In Another Straw Poll

For Immediate Release Contact: Brett Doster Phone: 850-222-8156 Email: [email protected] Bondi Wins Convincingly In Another Straw Poll Orange County Young Republicans host political hobnob at the Orange […]

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Obama Administration Approves First Direct Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Editor’s Note – Back when Obama signed the Executive Order that supposedly banned federal funding of abortions, which alliviated Rep. Bart Stupak’s concerns about voting for ObamaCare, everyone knew it was a sham.

Guess what?

Everybody was right…just one more example of the dishonesty and deception by this President.

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Kurt Kelly Wins Orange County Young Republican Straw Poll and Hob Nob

Kurt Kelly Wins Big at Orange County Young Republican Straw Poll and Hob Nob

Wins Fourth Consecutive Republican Straw Poll in Congressional District 8

Orlando- Conservative small businessman Kurt Kelly won with a commanding lead over his opponents at the Orange County Young Republicans (OCYR) Hob Nob and Straw Poll event last night. With seven candidates in the race for Congressional District 8, Kelly won more than one-third of the votes casted.

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National Tea Party Federation Rejects NAACP Accusations of Racism


National Tea Party Federation Rejects NAACP Accusations of Racism – July 14, 2010

Tea Party and citizen group leaders from across the nation came together to respond to the outrageous and untrue accusations promoted by the NAACP and their political allies on the Left.

The Tea Party Movement was founded on a desire to return the United States to the proven principles of fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and liberty; and that limited, effective, and efficient government must be our collective goal.

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