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What's Attorney General Holder Hiding?

What’s Attorney General Holder Hiding?

The Heritage Foundation

Imagine arriving at your neighborhood polling place on Election Day and seeing two men guarding the entrance, dressed in paramilitary uniforms, wielding a deadly billy club, shouting racial epitaphs and menacing voters. Would you walk through the door?

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What Cap? Dems' Climate Word War

Editor’s Note – “Cap and trade has certainly been demonized,” said Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.). “I think that’s unfortunate. … So we’ll just call it something different.”

Once again, the audacity of the left. Are they so confident in the ignorance of the populace that they just openly declare their intent now?

With ObamaCare and Financial Reform in the bag, it’s on to Cap n Trade, only they no longer call it that. Regardless of the market researched name that is settled upon, one thing doesn’t change; it remains the largest energy tax in our nations’s history. The last thing this economy needs is higher costs for businesses, yet, this doesn’t seem to concern the Progressive Left.

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O'Donoghue: Grayson Makes Additional Payment to Florida Tea Party Political Party

For Immediate Release Contact: Vartan Djihanian Phone: 407-478-4850     O’Donoghue:  Grayson Makes Additional Payment to Florida Tea Party Political Party   (Winter Park, Fl)– Conservative small businessman […]

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Special Session: Weeklong Political Brawl, or Over in Hours

Editor’s Note – In what many see as little more than political grandstanding by a desperate Charlie Crist, who is milking the Gulf Oil Spill for all it’s worth, the citizens of Florida are on the hook to the tune of $50,ooo a day to help advance his Senatorial campaign.

As stated in the article, Republican lawmakers have no appetite for this session. Just five weeks out from primaries, you can be sure that little will happen.

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U.S. Dept Of Justice Loses Its Stars and Stripes

Editor’s Note – Eric Holder decides his agency isn’t supposed to be political, so he decides to re-do the agency web site, removing the American Flag. Apparently, the patriotic implications were “a bit much.”

I’m at a loss of words here, except to say that you’d better believe there is a message being delivered by this action.

This is what ‘fundementally transforming’ America looks like folks…silence is consent.

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Jindal; Ban On Deep-Water Drilling Adds Insult To Injury

Louisianans, of all people, don’t want to see another drop of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. It is our land and our way of life that are being harmed. Yet the administration tells our people to simply file a claim with BP or file for unemployment. Our people want to work, not collect unemployment checks.

We don’t want to see the federal government create a second disaster, an economic disaster, for the people of our state thanks to its “capricious” and “arbitrary” actions. The bottom line is this: Thousands of Louisianans shouldn’t have to lose their jobs just because the federal government can’t do its job.

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For Many Pregnant Chinese, A U.S. Passport For Baby Remains A Powerful Lure

Editor’s Note – When other countries are taking advantage of your laws for personal gain, at the expense of your citizens, perhaps it’s time to change the law.

With very few other countries in the world granting citizenship to babies born in their country by non-resident mothers, and with all the challenges America faces, why do our representatives continue to ignore the growing problems brought on by our immigration laws?

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This Week's Rambling Thoughts

And they’re off…!

With a little more than 5 wks to go, campaign season is hitting high gear with several local candidates now airing prime time television ads. Craig Miller (D24) was the first in the area to do so, followed by Dan Webster (D8) and Karen Diebel (D24).

This being the most expensive means of getting your message out, it’s easy to see who’s in good shape financially.

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Changing Stance, Administration Now Defends Insurance Mandate as a Tax

Editor’s Note – In a clear example of the audacity of Barack Obama and the Progressive Left, they expect to have it both ways.

While selling the mandate to the American public, Obama clearly states that it is not a tax, yet, while defending it in court, his administration claims it is a tax.

Personally, it is beyond me to understand how anyone can look at this and come away with the idea that Obama is being honest and trustworthy with the people of this country. And, if he is this deceptive with healthcare, why would he not be equally so with any other part of his agenda.

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Joe Biden Fined $219k For 2008 Presidential Campaign Violations

Editor’s Note – As expected, news such as this is dumped on the weekend, with little coverage expected. But, not to worry, it’s “a relatively small” fine, according to Biden’s spokeswoman, which must mean it’s a relatively small violation. Nothing to see here, folks, move along…

At this point, you have to ask, is there anyone in Obama’s administration that has any respect for the rule of law?

Since ‘transforming America’ is such a huge task, the ends justifies the means, right?

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Ronald Reagan Appointee Ambassador William Casey Endorses Craig Miller

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jon Miller
Phone: 407-949-4303

Ronald Reagan Appointee Ambassador William Casey Endorses Craig Miller

Seminole County Republican businessman Craig Miller, candidate for District 24’s U.S. Congressional Seat, today announced that he has been endorsed by Ambassador William R. Casey Jr. who served as the American Ambassador to the Republic of Niger under President Ronald Reagan from 1981-1985.

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Palin's 76% Favorable Among Republicans Tops Others in GOP

Editor’s Note – While it cannot be denied that Palin is a figure to be reckoned with in 2012, what’s is noteworthy is that almost everyone has an opinion of her, be it positive or negative.

Being such a polorizing figure, will this prevent her from entering the race? What can she do, if anything, to improve her unfavorable ratings?

Just as she does in real life, she stands out in this poll as an individual that captures the imagination of America. There have been precious few in our history that have achieved this lofty standing. If ever there were a time when such a person were needed, it is today.

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