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Adams and Diebel: Tax Raising Politicians That Spend Like Liberals!

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Adams and Diebel: Tax Raising Politicians that spend like liberals!


The campaign for Seminole County Republican businessman Craig Miller, candidate for District 24’s U.S. Congressional Seat, announced a mail campaign beginning today aimed at exposing the tax raising records of their opponents for the Republican primary; Sandy Adams and Karen Diebel.

“Both of these politicians claim to be fiscal conservatives,” stated campaign spokesman Jon Miller. “Unfortunately Sandy Adams raised taxes $1.7 billion dollars, even voting to tax your estate proceedings after death. Karen Diebel raised rates on local businesses twice, garbage service, storm water, sewer water, taxicab fares, utility meters, recreation, emergency fuel and online payments. Someone forgot to tell them we are in a recession. With their tax hiking record, can we really trust them to work for us and not Nancy Pelosi?”

 Below is a detail of Adams and Diebel’s tax raising record with citations: 

Sandy Adams’ Tax Hikes:

* Voted for over $1.7 Billion in new taxes in 2009.
SB 1840, 4/17/2009

* Voted for a new disposal fee for solid waste- $25 million.
HB 5121, 4/7/2009, Committee Vote

* Sponsored bill to raise fines on speeding and traffic violations-$15.9 million
HB 5107A, 2009

* Sponsored bill to increase surcharge on vehicle license taxes-$6.9 million
HB 5115, 2009

* Sponsored bill to create fee schedule for estate proceedings-$23.7 million
– HB 5117, 2009

Karen Diebel’s Tax Hikes:

* Voted to increase the local business tax by 5% in 2007 and another 5% in 2009.
– Winter Park Commission Minutes, 4/23/2007 & 6/22/2009

* Voted for an increased fee schedule in 2007 that included a $15 fee to process a business certificate, a 2% increase in garbage service, 12% increase in storm water rates, and a 3.09% increase in water and sewer rates.
– Winter Park Commission Minutes, 9/24/2007

* Voted to allow an increase in taxicab fares.
– Winter Park Commission Minutes, 2/25/2008

* Voted for increased fee schedule in 2008.
– Winter Park Commission Minutes, 3/24/2008

* Voted for a fee schedule in 2008 that increased utility meter and recreation fees.
– Winter Park Commission Minutes, 3/24/2008

* Voted to allow a taxicab trip surcharge and an emergency fuel surcharge.
– Winter Park Commission Minutes, 8/25/2008

* Voted to authorize a $3 convenience fee for online or phone payment with credit cards.
– Winter Park Commission Minutes, 10/27/2008

When Craig was just 13 he went to work washing dishes at the Neptune Restaurant in Rockledge, Florida. He graduated from Cocoa High and served in Vietnam. Craig was stationed at McCoy and Patrick Air Force Bases. He met his wife Susan while working at the Colony Theater in Winter Park and then graduated from UCF. Craig led Pizzeria Uno and Ruth’s Chris Steak House – creating thousands of jobs and building hundreds of restaurants across America. Craig lives in Seminole County with his wife Susan and is the father of three grown children and one grandchild. His mother and sister still live in Brevard County.



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