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Kurt Kelly Calls For Ethics Committee Investigation Into Alan Grayson's Blatant Abuse Of Taxpayer Money

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Kurt Kelly Calls For Ethics Committee Investigation Into Alan Grayson’s Blatant Abuse Of Taxpayer Money


(Orlando, FL) – Conservative small businessman Kurt Kelly this morning called for a Congressional Ethics Committee investigation into Rep. Alan Grayson’s (D-FL) blatant abuse of taxpayer money for a $73,000 self-promotional DVD mailing, a story first reported on by the Orlando Sentinel late yesterday. The complete Sentinel story can be read by clicking here.

Kelly also called on Grayson to immediately reimburse the Federal Treasury the complete cost of the 100,000-person, $73,000 DVD mailing, which is little more than an MSNBC audition tape sent out to senior citizens throughout Central Florida.

“This is an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars, and it goes to show that Alan Grayson is completely out of touch with Central Florida,” said Kelly. “This is just ridiculous behavior. What congressman would do this in the face of a huge budget deficit?”

“This blatant campaign expenditure using the Congressional franking privilege should be investigated by the Congressional Ethics Committee, and today I call on Alan Grayson to reimburse the Federal Treasury for the full cost of the mailing,” continued Kelly. “If Alan Grayson wants to record a liberal mix tape so he can get his own show on MSNBC after I beat him this fall, he’s certainly entitled to do so, but not with our taxpayer dollars.”

Conservative small businessman Kurt Kelly currently serves District 24 in the Florida House of Representatives and is challenging liberal Alan Grayson for the District Eight Congressional seat.

Kelly has recently been endorsed by the Associated Industries of Florida, the Eagle Forum, and Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns. For more information about the Kelly for Congress campaign visit www.kellyforcongress.com.


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