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FL Democrats: Civic Duty Is Only For The Rich & Ruling Class

By Linda O’Keefe
Orlando Political Press

It is a sad day in America! Average citizens exercising their civic duty are now being intimidated by politicians and government bureaucrats.

Volusia Tea Party Patriots is one of many groups nationwide that have been hosting forums with political candidates…

These forums have occurred at meeting rooms in public libraries, private rooms at restaurants, and in banquet rooms of hotels. Very few churches have opened up their doors to these patriots and even fewer union halls! Therefore, there is a cost to hosting such events. These Patriots have principles and passion, but money is scarce in this economy.

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Florida Chamber Of Commerce Endorses Pam Bondi For Attorney General

For Immediate Release Contact: Brett Doster Phone: 850-222-8156 Email: [email protected]   FLORIDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ENDORSES PAM BONDI FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL   TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, the […]

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DNC's Bet: Tea Party A Negative

Editor’s Note – Are you up for the challenge, tea party movement?

The Democrat Party will put the tea party on trial over the next few months, similar to what we saw with Sarah Palin, disparaging the movement at every opportunity with the full assistance of the corrupt mainstream media and the Progressive elite in Hollywood.

Looking at Wasserman Schultz’ comments – “Nazi-themed imagery and grotesque pictures of our president” – we can see that truth and reality will be readily sacrificed, after all, the ends justifies the means.

And, there was no delay whatsoever in throwing out the race card. One can now see the reasoning behind the NAACP’s recent actions – it provides a convenient reference point for the Democrat Party.

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Discernment And The Florida TEA Party

By Grant Maloy

…But that deception fails to match up to what the fake “TEA Party” party is doing.

A political consultant who has made a living off deceiving voters has helped create the “Florida TEA Party”. By copying the popular grassroots movement Tea Party name, he plans to fool the voters.

News reports show that Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson has helped fund the fake “TEA Party”. The plan is to fool enough conservative and independent voters who dislike Grayson into voting for the TEA Party candidate instead of the Republican.

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Kurt Kelly Calls For Ethics Committee Investigation Into Alan Grayson's Blatant Abuse Of Taxpayer Money

For Immediate Release Contact: Betsy VanderLay Phone: 407-393-5300 Email: [email protected]   . Kurt Kelly Calls For Ethics Committee Investigation Into Alan Grayson’s Blatant Abuse Of Taxpayer Money […]

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Sandy Adams' Congressional Bid Endorsed By Respected Central Florida Veterans

For Immediate Release Contact: Jonothan Swift   Sandy Adams’ Congressional Bid Endorsed By Respected Central Florida Veterans   Orlando, FL- Sgt. Bill Coleman stated, “I am proud […]

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Grayson Bills Taxpayers For DVD Of Term's Highlights – $73,000

Editor’s Note – When the Democrats are not busy ‘making up the rules as they go along’, they’re fully engaged in bending the rules beyond the breaking point (see Charlie Rangel).

For all those who are eager to see Alan Grayson be a one term Congressman, know this; your tax dollars are being used to help re-elect this buffoon.

Naturally, Grayson says this DVD has nothing to do with the upcoming election…

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Rep. Grayson's Shakedown Lawsuit Threat

Editor’s Note – So, while being paid to represent the citizens of Florida’s congressional district 8, which is suffering through a stagnant economy and record unemployment, Rep. Alan Grayson finds himself distracted with the lofty task of playing savior to the world.

In this case, he is spending time that should be focused on his constituency tying up D.C. courts, proving that you can take the trial attorney away from the hustle, but you can never take the hustle away from the trial attorney.

To be clear, you have a U.S. Congressman wanting to be the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against an American corporation, some 900 miles away from his district. The results of which having no bearing whatsoever on those he represents. Enough said?