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Beiling Campaign Denounces Orlando Sentinel Censorship

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Bieling Campaign Denounces Orlando Sentinel Censorship


(Winter Park, FL) 8th District Congressional Candidate Ross Bieling, a conservative, pro-life, small businessman with over 30 years of health care experience and holder of a Juris Doctor Degree, today strongly denounced the Orlando Sentinel for its censoring of his response to their endorsement of his opponent Daniel Webster.

On July 18, 2010, the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board endorsed long-time politician Daniel Webster, who served 28 years in Tallahassee. In the process they offered harsh words for each of Daniel Webster’s other six opponents. In the case of Ross Bieling, they dismissed his candidacy and sarcastically mocked his claim that America is under assault from Progressive-Marxists in Washington.

Bieling was offered an opportunity to respond in an editorial letter and on July 24, 2010, Bieling’s Editorial Response ran in the paper except it was missing several key lines from what Bieling originally submitted.

In response, Bieling stated, “the ironic part about the Orlando Sentinel’s actions is I warned them that we have individuals within this country that want to take away our freedoms and they mocked this claim. They then turn around and censor me trying to silence our message. It is an absolute insult to all of the people out there that share my views for the Orlando Sentinel to mock my beliefs of Progressive-Marxism taking root in Washington. This is another example of the “mainstream media” being completely out of touch with every day Americans. My message absolutely scares liberals. I have been personally named on Progressive websites. Plain and simple, Progressivism is un-American and has no place in our government.”

“The Orlando Sentinel attempted to marginalize me personally and my message, but there has been such a tremendous outpouring of support from other concerned Americans.”

“I truly, believe that every generation of Americans has had to fight to secure our liberties and the present day is no different. I believe in the greatness of this country and that if we would just return to our Founding Father’s Constitutional Principle’s, limited government interference, lower taxes, introduce the Fair tax, secure our borders, repeal and defund Obama-care then like Ronald Reagan said, America’s best days are yet to come.”

Bieling started off his campaign with $200,000.00 and has run an aggressive campaign which includes numerous speaking engagements, direct mail, radio commercials, insert programs, YouTube videos and soon to be released television commercials.


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