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Federal Election Commission Complaint Filed Against Florida TEA Party

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

The Dennis Ross campaign has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against the Florida TEA Party political party over an electronic billboard ad on I-4.

The rotating ads highlight two TEA candidates running for U.S. Congress, with the Florida TEA Party logo prominently displayed along with a disclaimer that reads, “Political Advertisement paid for and approved by the Tea Party.”

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SEC Says New Financial Regulation Law Exempts it From Public Disclosure

Linda O’Keefe – On Tuesday, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it is no longer obligated to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Citing section 929I of the new Financial Regulation Bill which President Obama signed into law last week, the SEC is blocking public access to its records. As President Obama specifically praised this new legislation as “transparent”, it is very disturbing that government agencies like the SEC will no longer be accountable to the public.

Fox Business Channel, the sister network of Fox News Channel, reported today that the SEC informed the network that it would block FOIA requests.

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Craig Miller Says Extending Bush Tax Cuts Key to Economic Recovery

For Immediate Release Contact: Jon Miller Phone: 407-949-4303 [email protected]    Craig Miller Says Extending Bush Tax Cuts Key to Economic Recovery   Seminole County Republican businessman Craig […]

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Federal Judge Blocks Part of Arizona Immigration Law

Editor’s Note – For those who are keeping score in the battle for freedom and personal liberty in America, we can count as opponents the federal government, the Democrat Party, the labor unions, the media, the entertainment industry and now the federal courts.

As a Constitutional Republic, America was intended to be a nation of laws, not men. In today’s society, laws are just an inconvenient obstacle for those seeking to ‘transform America’.

Reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, Wyatt Earp, where Wyatt is riding out after the men who killed his brother. The editor of the town newspaper tries to talk Wyatt out of this action, to which Wyatt replies, “if these men think they can hide behind our laws, they’ve missed their guess.”

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Seminole County Commissioner Dick Van Der Weide Endorses Diebel

For Immediate Release Contact: Anthony Bonner Seminole County Commissioner Dick Van Der Weide Endorses Diebel Says Karen is the “only true conservative in the race” .   […]

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New Black Panther Case Takes Bipartisan Twist; Democrat Asks Holder to Review

Editor’s Note – You may remember Rep. Sherman, he was the Congressman who claimed that he did not know of the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Before you get your hopes up from the above headline, whereas, Sherman does ask Eric Holder to reopen the case – apparently Sherman has now heard of it – he also includes six lessor cases from the Bush administration.

Looks like he’s trying to kill two birds with one stone here. Considering the reaction by his constituency when he claimed to know nothing of the case, it’s clear this move is an attempt at damage control, however, to ensure that he placates the radical left that now control the Democrat Party, he throws in the outdated cases that occurred during Bush’s term.

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100 Days Later, Obama Still Failing the Gulf

By Rory Cooper
The Heritage Foundation

Over the last four weeks, The Heritage Foundation sent multiple teams of respected energy, environment, homeland security and response experts to the Gulf to study the federal response to the oil spill. These three delegations, with more to come, have traversed the areas hit hardest by the crisis, talking to response workers, affected oil crews, fishermen, elected leaders and BP representatives.

What we found is simple: President Obama’s administration has turned a crisis into a disaster, and someone needs to be held accountable.

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Beiling Campaign Denounces Orlando Sentinel Censorship

For Immediate Release Contact: Daniel Fisher Phone: 321-278-6873 Email: [email protected]   Bieling Campaign Denounces Orlando Sentinel Censorship   (Winter Park, FL) 8th District Congressional Candidate Ross Bieling, […]