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James DeCocq, Candidate for Florida House, District 33 Endorses the NAACPC

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mayra Etayo
Phone:  305-505-7089  


James DeCocq, Candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 33 Endorses the NAACPC

 The Declaration of Independence states – “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal…” The National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of All Colors lives by these words, and for that – James DeCocq gives them his stamp of approval.


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 Orlando, FL (July 27, 2010): James DeCocq, candidate for Florida House, District 33 was drawn NAACPC’s message from the first time he met the group’s National Director, Frantz Kebreau early this year. The organization was founded by Lloyd Marcus. James DeCocq now publically and officially endorses the organization.

“Our county and our State are facing one of the most critical financial situations it has ever seen. We need fiscally conservative candidates elected into office. We need people with experience and knowledge running our government, not those motivated by special interests. And if we weren’t facing enough hurdles, current affairs have left us very scared of the direction in which our country is being led.” says DeCocq. “Many concerned citizens have finally banded together through the Tea Party movement, and are working hard to make government accountable and their focus is being taken away as allegations of racism are being thrown their way.”

In a recent interview, Kebreau quoted Martin Luther King Jr., “God made man from one blood. Let us all be dissatisfied until the day nobody shouts white power, nobody shouts black power but everyone talks about God’s power and human power.” The NAACPC Director continues on to say “That is what the Tea Party is about, we don’t care about race and that’s what incenses the NAACP and the Democratic Party so much.”

James DeCocq, along with many other conservatives, is advocating that we all remain focused on this August 24 Primary through the November 2012 elections.

“After the sobering aftermath of so many decisions in government gone wrong and the awareness of what those decisions are costing us, it is more important than ever that we know who and what we are really voting for. Now is the time to stand behind your candidates. We can’t let the attempted distraction of those trying to tear down our efforts, make us lose sight of what needs to get done now or in the future to get our Country back on track.”

“James DeCocq and his family have supported our message of ending Identity Politics from the beginning. We are honored to accept this endorsement.” Frantz Kebreau states.

 About James DeCocq for State Representative – Florida District 33 

 James DeCocq is a small business owner with extensive experience in building and sustaining cost efficient municipal governments. He is a graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in marine biology. He is a second generation Belgium immigrant. He is married to Mayra Etayo-DeCocq, daughter of Cuban immigrants. The couple has one daughter and the family resides in Avalon Park. For more information, visit: http://www.jamesdecocq.com 


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