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Zogby; Todd Long Outpolls Grayson In District 8

tlongZogby; Todd Long Outpolls Grayson In District 8

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

In a press conference that was scheduled on Rep. Alan Grayson’s doorstep, district 8 Republican congressional candidate Todd Long announced poll results today showing that he outpaces incumbent Democrat Grayson in a head to head match up.

The poll was conducted by Zogby International and shows that among likely voters, Todd Long has an eight point lead over Grayson.  It also notes that Long holds a 17 point lead amongst registered Independents and a 13 point lead amongst Hispanic voters.

The ballot question was posed between July 13 – July 15 and stated:

If the elections for United States Congress were held today and the candidates were Republican Todd Long and Democrat Alan Grayson, for whom would you vote?

Poll Results:        Long           46%
                              Grayson    38%
                              Other            7%
                              Undecided  9%

“It is now clear that a vote for Todd Long in the Republican Primary sends Alan Grayson home in November.  The voters in District Eight have decided which conservative can beat Grayson.  It is time for people who want conservative, commons-sense solutions to our national challenges to come together and remove this self-serving socialist who is intent on helping Nancy Pelosi destroy our great nation,” said Long.

There was no comparison polling done on the six other Republican candidates running in the district 8 primary.

Audio is a bit rough, but here is video of today’s press conference –

Tom Tillison


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