The Taxpayer Bailout of Bill McCollum

Screen_shot_2010-07-07_at_2_21_38_PMEditor’s Note – Didn’t know that you were funding Bill McCollum’s campaign?  With over four weeks remaining, the amount of money to be received by McCollum is going to be substantial.

If you’re feeling a little heartburn over this, let it be a lesson that the public must pay attention to what our ‘representatives’ do in Tallahassee.  We’ve heard the saying that elections have consequences, well, so too does apathy…

One of the unfortunate consequences is that we will be further inundated with more vicious attack ads which seem to benefit Alex Sink more than McCollum.


The Taxpayer Bailout of Bill McCollum

Sagging in the polls and running on empty, GOP gubernatorial candidate takes state subsidy

By Kenric Ward
Sunshine State News

UPDATED: Bill McCollum received $1,260,142.17 in campaign matching funds from the state Friday, looking for as much cash as he can to battle billionaire Rick Scott for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. (See the campaign finance documents attached at the bottom of the story.)

Jennifer Krell Davis, spokeswoman for the Division of Elections, said Friday’s state disbursement will be the first in a weekly series of cash infusions to McCollum, who continues to trail Scott in the polls.

Under Florida’s matching program, McCollum will receive a dollar of public funds for every dollar Scott spends over the $24.9 million limit the law imposes on candidates who don’t opt into the state finance system.

Scott challenged the legality of the program this month, but U.S. District Court Judge Robert Hinkle rejected his claim. Scott’s lawyers are now pleading his case with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal. 

In the meantime, McCollum will use public funds in an effort to compete with Scott, who has peeled off more than $20 million from his own bankroll.

The attorney general’s acceptance of taxpayer money contrasts sharply and ironically with his campaign calls for reduced government spending and his professed concern about “belt-tightening” by taxpayers.
Until recently, many Republicans supporting McCollum had derided the state’s election-funding pool as “welfare for politicians.” 

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