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Miami Herald Endorses Pam Bondi In Attorney General Race

For Immediate Release Contact: Brett Doster Phone: 850-222-8156   Miami Herald Endorses Pam Bondi In Attorney General Race Herald: “Bondi’s career as a longtime prosecutor gives her […]

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Moving Hillsborough Backward at Your Expense

By Karen Jaroch

As a US Taxpayer and SunTrust account holder for more than 15 years I was extremely distressed to learn that SunTrust bank donated $50,000 to start the high-powered political committee named Moving Hillsborough Forward whose mission it is to promote passage of a 100% increase in the county sales tax for Hillsborough residents (from 1% to 2%) giving Hillsborough county the distinction of having the highest overall state sales tax in Florida at 8%!

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Todd Long To Hold Press Conference To Make Major Announcement

Orlando — Conservative Todd Long announced today that he will be holding a press conference on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. at the Garland Ave. entrance to Congressman Alan Grayson’s office in the Lynx Central Station Building.

At the press conference Long will be making a statement that will have a major impact on the District Eight race.

“I believe that the defining moment of this campaign has just occurred and I also believe that the era of the career politician is over,” said Long.

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Craig Miller Get's Sentinel Endorsement in D24

Craig Miller, a Vietnam War veteran and former CEO of Ruth’s Chris Steak House, has been endorsed by the Orlando Sentinel as the ‘most qualified’ Republican candidate in congressional districty 24.

The Sentinel states; ‘On issues, Mr. Miller sounds like a lot of conservatives running this year: He’s opposed to tax hikes, doesn’t like the new health-care reform law, and thinks government has gotten way too big. But he also shows a greater understanding of the complexity of issues than his GOP rivals.’

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Brown-Waite Raised, Spent Campaign Funds With Retirement Imminent

Editor’s Note – Another example of the entitlement mentality of Congress?

With a poll just coming out this week showing only 11% of Americans having confidence in Congress, actions such as this will not help the matter.

It does not appear that any laws have been broken, however, the appearance of wrongdoing is there. And, we don’t need to be reminded that percetion is reality in today’s world.

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Rangel Charged With Multiple Violations By House Ethics Panel

Editor’s Note – This is America and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, yet, one look at Rangel and you can see that this man is the epitome of fat cat politicians lining their pockets on the backs of taxpayers.

A perfect example of all that is wrong with the U.S. Government.

Each time a violation is brought to light, he comes back with weak excuses that would only be accepted in a Democrat controlled Washington, D.C. Were he a Republican, the now officially determined corrupt media would have had Rangel removed two years ago.