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Vose Law Firm Represents Tea Party Movement Leaders, Moves to Dismiss Baseless Lawsuit by Doug Guetzloe

Today Tim McClellan and Everett Wilkinson, two leaders of the South Florida Tea Party Movement and clients of Vose Law Firm LLP, have decided to stand up to rank intimidation and call the bluff of nefarious local political operative, Doug Guetzloe, by filing a motion to dismiss Guetzoe’s baseless lawsuit against them and other Tea Party Movement leaders.

Wade Vose, a partner with Vose Law Firm, will represent McClellan and Wilkinson in the suit.

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Obama Allies Boosting Crist in Florida

Editor’s Note – Crist should have eliminated all the suspense and just registered as a Democrat.

This has certainly got to be discerning news for Kendrick Meek.

As for Marco Rubio, he was strong as a front runner, how does he respond now that Crist has managed to catch him in the polls? So far, it appears that he’s still searching for that answer.

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The Gig Is Up, Grayson

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Just as predicted yesterday, Alan Grayson followed up on his juvenile antics from the House floor with a fund raising email this morning. (Story Here)

As usual, his rhetoric is driven by the typical hatred and far left demagoguery. He attacks, distorts and then appeals to your wallet.