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Special Session: Weeklong Political Brawl, or Over in Hours

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Editor’s Note – In what many see as little more than political grandstanding by a desperate Charlie Crist, who is milking the Gulf Oil Spill for all it’s worth, the citizens of Florida are on the hook to the tune of $50,ooo a day to help advance his Senatorial campaign.

As stated in the article, Republican lawmakers have no appetite for this session.  Just five weeks out from primaries, you can be sure that little will happen. 

Many tea party groups across the state plan to call for action on illegal immigration, although, there’s a more likely chance of the legislative body coming together with Crist and singing ‘Kumbaya’ than there is that any action will be taken here.

From recent conversations with local rep’s, my guess is that they’ll be home by supper time…


Special Session: Weeklong Political Brawl, or Over in Hours

By Kenric Ward
Sunshine State News

Will this week’s special legislative session bring responsible public policy debate or crass political posturing?

The session called by Gov. Charlie Crist isn’t convening on a convivial note as leading Republicans pooh-pooh the need to meet at all.

Comments from House Speaker Larry Cretul suggest that the whole thing could be over within a couple of hours after opening Tuesday, with no action taken on Crist’s call for a constitutional amendment to ban offshore oil drilling.

Alternatively, the session could become a weeklong brawl between the GOP-dominated Legislature and a governor who bolted the party three months ago to become an independent.

Crist said the House would be “stunningly shortsighted” not to put an offshore drilling ban on the November ballot.

“Who in their right mind would argue that the people shouldn’t have a right to vote on this?” Crist asked. “It’s an unconscionable position.”

State Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Orlando, countered by announcing she was filing a resolution to censure the governor.

“Gov. Crist is wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on an unnecessary special session of the state Legislature, and he should be held accountable for this misuse,” Adams said.

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