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Grand Jury: X-Way Authority Paid Guetzloe 'Hush Money'

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Editor’s Note – Just for clarity purposes, this is the same Doug Guetzloe who identifies himself as the political consultant for the Florida TEA Party political party.  And, yes, the attorney mentioned in this story, Fred O’Neal, is the current chairman of the TEA Party.

For further clarity, the Florida TEA Party political party is not a representation of the tea party movement, does not have the support of the movement and has no recognized leaders from the movement on board.  Many have classified this endeavor as little more than ‘identity theft’.

So, the beat goes on…a familiar tune in Central Florida.  Guetzloe is accused of, or associated with, questionable dealings and corruption.  He denies all such accusations, claiming it is all lies and distortions.  I am curious, would it be more appropriate if he renamed his organization ‘Ax the Tax, Unless…’?

Looking on the bright side, at least you know how the Expressway Authority is spending your hard earned money!


Grand Jury: X-Way Authority Paid Guetzloe ‘Hush Money’

Long-Sealed Presentment Now Public After Appeal Fails


ORLANDO, Fla. — Political consultant Doug Guetzloe was paid $107,500 in “hush money” by the Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority, according to a long-sealed report by an Orange County Grand Jury obtained today by Local 6.

The grand jury said that “inescapable conclusion” is supported by their judgment that “a quieter Ax the Tax seemed to flow from the $107,500 payment to Doug Guetzloe.”

 Ax the Tax is a group headed by Guetzloe that has opposed toll increases like those being contemplated at the time by the expressway authority. Guetzloe has said he was paid the money, in large part, to produce a two-and-one-quarter-page report analyzing opposition to toll increases — an undertaking the grand jury said appears to be “a waste of public dollars.”

A section of the report finding a “culture of corruption” in how former authority chairman Alan Keen generated political contributions from authority vendors was released in February 2009 – after Keen’s 18-month-long legal appeal to alter the report largely failed.

The Spring Term 2007 grand jury did not charge anyone criminally in connection with the expressway authority investigation, but instead issued the “presentment” – essentially its take on the facts it heard during four meetings between May and October 2007. 

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Tom Tillison


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