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Judge Throws Out Scott's Challenge, Scott Plans Immediate Appeal

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Editor’s Note – Not sure if you catch it or not, however, by requiring the state of Florida to match Rick Scott’s spending, you have to ask one question – where is Florida getting the money from?

…some Florida taxpayers may be pleased to learn that they’re now supporting Bill McCollum’s campaign, others may not be!

Give’s one good reason to question a law such as this.


Judge Throws Out Scott’s Challenge; Scott Plans Immediate Appeal

The Buzz

Saying there was a greater public interest in preventing corruption than protecting Rick Scott’s First Amendment rights, federal district court Judge Robert Hinkle on Tuesday threw out the insurgent Republican’s request for an injunction of Florida’s public campaign finance law.

His ruling upholds the provision that requires the state to cut McCollum a check for every dollar Scott spends over the $24.9 million limit the law imposes on candidates who don’t opt into the public finance system.

Hinkle said that the state’s matching fund system was adopted by the Florida Legislature at the same time it enacted the $500 limit on individual campaign contributions and that together the 1991 law serves to “combat corruption or the appearance of corruption” in the campaign finance system. By allowing a candidate to collect more money if his opponent fails to agree to the campaign finance limits, the system was intended to “offset the effects of the $500 cap,” he said.

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