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Falconer Announces Lawsuit To Stop SunRail

falconerpcFalconer Announces Lawsuit To Stop SunRail

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Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

At a press conference this afternoon at the Orange County Courthouse, Matt Falconer, who is running for Orange County Mayor, announced that he has filed suit to stop SunRail. 

With numerous supporters surrounding him, he said, “It’s a waste of money.  It’s binding the hands of lawmakers in the future. The Florida constitution clearly states you can not bind the hands of future officials on projects and future desires the present can’t pay for.”

He says that the first seven years of the system are federally funded, but after that, there is not a dedicated source of funding. He says it could cost roughly $4 billion over the next 20 years, with less than half of that money allocated..

“It’s unconstitutional,” he says. “I want to protect the tax payers from what might be the largest tax increase in the history of Central Florida.”

Falconer says tax payers will be on the hook and essential services could be cut. “We need to prioritize education and public safety and put things we don’t need today on the back burner.”

Tom Tillison


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