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OCYR Hob Nob Straw Poll Results

StrawPollLogo2010Orange County Young Republicans Hob Nob Straw Poll Results

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

The Orange County Young Republicans held a ‘hob nob’ and straw poll last night, which was curiously billed as the first of the campaign season.  Local tea party organizers who held a similar event on a chilly February morning may have cause to dispute that claim.

And, last night’s event was no tea party, as the results will attest…

What could be telling from these results is not that Kurt Kelly won in the D8 Congressional Race, but that Dan Webster fared so poorly, coming in a distant third behing Kelly and Todd Long.  And, yes, for those who are inclined to pay attention, Mr. Webster was there live and in person – yet, another sign that this was no tea party!

In the District 24 Congressional Race, Karen Diebel won by just 8 votes over Sandy Adams, indicating a split amongst the establishment in this race, with Craig Miller a close third.  This race is going to be a real battle.

In the Orange County Mayor’s Race, it was expected that Teresa Jacobs would win, what is surprising is that Matt Falconer was so close.  The totals were Jacobs 148, Falconer 120.  Bill Segal has got to be loving this.

Bill McCollum won the Governor’s Race by a better than two to one margin over Rick Scott, although that was a given.

Tom Tillison


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