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American Grassroots Coalition Announces Nationwide Gulfathon (Telethon and Radiothon)

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American Grassroots Coalition Announces Nationwide Gulfathon (Telethon and Radiothon) To Help The People of The Gulf Coast

Atlanta, Georgia – American Grassroots Coalition held a press conference on Thursday, July 8th at the Community Center in Grand Isle, LA to announce a national Gulfathon to raise money for the residents of the Gulf Coast who have been affected by the oil disaster. Council Chariman of Jefferson Parish, John Young was in attendance, along with Trey Roberts of the Greater New Orleans Tea Party, a Representative from Senator David Vitter’s office, and Representatives from surrounding Parishes..

The Gulfathon, will be a live telethon from the Gulf Coast region on July 29th from 12:00 pm CDT to 11:59 pm CDT. The telethon will be broadcast live on the internet (www.gulfathon.org) and on participating radio stations throughout the country.

While the federal government continues to focus on crucifying BP and creating more red tape for the clean up efforts, the grassroots movement in this country wants to do what Americans do best…help our own. This is what America does, Americans help Americans.

Jennifer Hulsey, co-founder of American Grassroots Coalition, remarked “Through this project, we hope to give these people a chance to have their stories told and faces seen. We want the rest of America to see what is happening in the Gulf Coast region. While it is easy to see and grasp the environmental damage because it is tangible, it is not as easy to see the economic damage. It is impossible to take a picture of a lost job. The Gulfathon is a vehicle to allow these stories to be told in an effort to bring the human element to this disaster.”

American Grassroots Coalition is proud to work with our partners on this effort. 60 Plus, Doctor Patient Medical Association, Tea Party Patriots Live Radio Show, The Kitchen Table Patriots, and Mike Siegel, all support the Gulfathon and hope to make a difference by bringing awareness to the human tragedy as a result of the oil disaster.

About:  American Grassroots Coalition supports three core principles and values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. American Grassroots Coalition’s mission is to work with other organizations in order to educate citizens in an effort to empower citizen activists to make a difference on local, state, and national levels.

For more information, visit www.gulfathon.org, or contact Amy Kremer at 678.495.8271 or Jennifer Hulsey at 770.546.0286.


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