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Crist Calls Special Session To Ban Offshore Drilling

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resized_Charlie_Crist_bird_release_1Editor’s Note – It appears that ‘ol Charlie is following in his mentors steps and not allowing a serious crisis to go to waste.  This decision to call for a special session is also a good sign that he’s gotten all the mileage he can get out of showing up and walking along the beaches of Florida.

With the Gulf oil spill breathing new life into his campaign, he must play it for all it’s worth.  After all, what else does he have to fall back on?  Keep in mind that there’s already a law on the books banning offshore drilling, rendering this publicity stunt completely unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money.

As for the special session, I was told by two different state representatives that Crist would be made to feel very uncomfortable if he followed through on his intentions.  Well, he has…

Here’s an thought on that, why not take advantage of this special session to pass an Immigration Law similar to Arizona’s?  State Rep. William Snyder, a Republican from Stuart who’s been identified as the leading architect of an effort to craft such a law, here’s your chance back up your words; “It is not right, in a civilized country, in a nation of laws, to allow this to go on.” 

Any takers on this being allowed to go on?


Crist Calls Special Session To Ban Offshore Drilling

By Steve Bousquet

Gov. Charlie Crist said Thursday he’s calling a special session of the Legislature in less than two weeks and will ask lawmakers to consider a proposed constitutional amendment to ban offshore oil drilling. His proclamation sets the session dates as July 20-23. 

At a hastily-called news conference, Crist said the session would be devoted to one issue — “a rifle shot,” he called it — to give the voters of Florida a say on drilling. But in doing so, he violated a cardinal rule of Tallahassee politics by calling for a special session without a consensus with legislative leaders.

“I feel a compelling duty to protect Florida,” Crist told reporters. “And I’m going to be governor for about six more months, and I think I wouldn’t be doing my duty as governor if I did not call for this special session.”

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