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Why July 26th Should Be Important To You!

Why July 26th Should Be Important To You! 

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By Mickey Spencer

As a voter, you have the ability to register your political party affiliation (Republican, Democrat, or  Independent). Registering as a Republican allows you to have a say in the Republican Primary Elections as to who the Republican candidate(s) will be in the General Election. Registering as a Democrat allows you to have a say in the Democratic Primary Elections as to who the Democratic candidate(s) will be in the General Election.

But registering as an Independent isolates you from having any say at all in who those candidates will be from which we can choose in the General Election. That’s ALL that registering as an Independent gets you. No matter which party you’re registered with, you’re free to vote for anyone you like in the General Elections. In fact, no matter which party with which you’re affiliated, in the General Election you can vote for some Republicans, some Democrats, and some third-party candidates.

So there’s really no advantage at all for being registered as an Independent… unless of course you’re allergic to being involved in the process of selecting who our candidates will be from whom we can choose.

While we can have an impact on the candidates in both major political parties, our potential to have the greatest impact is by registering as a Republican. So I would urge everyone wishing to make a conservative impact on our upcoming elections to register promptly as a Republican and to make sure to get out there and vote in the Primary Elections.

Now, why should July 26th be important to you?

July 26th is the last date you can register to vote and register a party affiliation!

Please don’t wait until the last minute since the last minute will pass and you’ll have missed your chance. Make a point of doing it as soon as possible. Put it on your calendar as something that’s you’re definitely going to do and make it a priority. The future of our nation is a priority and registering should be one as well.


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