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Tea Party Activists To Host Gulf Coast Telethon, Seeking Celebrities & Others To Help

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Editor’s Note – Local tea party activist and OPP co-founder Jason Hoyt is heavily involved in this effort. 

It’s becoming clear that the Gulf oil spill is worse than what people are being led to believe, and, true to it’s origin, the tea party movement is looking past government in a noble effort to assist the residents of the Gulf that have been most affected by this disaster.

Hollywood, huh?  Good luck with that…


Tea Party Activists To Host Gulf Coast Telethon, Seeking Celebrities & Others To Help

By Shannon Travis
CNN Politics

Washington (CNN) – Conservative activists, some aligned with the Tea Party movement, hope to join hands with Hollywood celebrities and other famous names for a worthy cause: help for victims of the massive Gulf Coast oil spill.

Organizers hope to highlight tragic stories and say it does not matter if the values of Hollywood heavyweights – typically branded as a liberal set – might clash with the organizers’ conservative ideals.

On Thursday, The American Grassroots Coalition announced a telethon to benefit the region still reeling from the oil spill. The conservative grassroots activist group is partnering with others including the “Tea Party Patriots Live” radio show and the Kitchen Table Patriots, based in Pennsylvania. Radio talk show hosts and other shows will also assist in the telethon.

The nationwide event will be streamed out live on various radio stations and on the internet from the Gulf Coast on July 29.

Amy Kremer, co-founder of the coalition, talked to CNN about the event’s mission: to widen the portrait of tragedy from the nation’s worst environmental disaster. Kremer is also the chairman of the Tea Party Express but says that group is not connected.

Organizers hope Hollywood celebrities, famous politicians and others will take part in the event, according to Kremer. She admitted that no stars have yet to actually commit. But Kremer noted that organizers are pursuing some well-known types whose names she could not yet reveal.

“We’re happy to partner with anybody on the Right or the Left,” she added. “You have to look at the cause and the bigger picture. We would actually hope we could work with them, on the Progressive side, because then we have the ability to reach more people.”

Kremer’s statement announcing the telethon noted that “there is a human tragedy to this disaster that needs to be profiled.” The statement also said that organizers “want to give these people a chance to have their stories told and faces seen,” and that they “want the rest of America to see what is happening in the Gulf Coast region.”

 Read More – http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010/07/08/tea-party-activists-to-host-gulf-coast-telethon-seeking-celebrities-others-to-help/?fbid=MVW09fb7a5O

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