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Resignations By Florida T.E.A. Political Party Associates Applauded By Central Florida Tea Party Council

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Media Contact: Tom Tillison


Central Florida Tea Party Council


Resignations By Florida T.E.A. Political Party
Communications Director And T.E.A. Candidates
Applauded By Central Florida Tea Party Council (CFTPC) Members

Trouble inside the Florida T.E.A. political party sees resignations by insider and party candidates as the “identity theft” of the “grass roots” Tea Party movement name and good will continues


 ORLANDO, FLORIDA – July 2, 2010 – In a press conference on June 24th 2010, the Central Florida Tea Party Council, representing thousands of volunteer members of the highly regarded “grass roots” Tea Party movement, called for Peg Dunmire (TEA) FL 8th Congressional District candidate and all Florida T.E.A. political party candidates to renounce their T.E.A. candidacies and withdraw from their respective races for the benefit of Florida voters.

CFTPC commends the resignation this week by Nick Egoroff as the Communications Director of the Florida T.E.A. political party, and the recent renouncements of their T.E.A. political party candidacies by Ryan Sawyers (District 91-Broward County) and Stephen Taylor (District 11- Gainsville area). 

The CFTPC repeats its charge that the Florida T.E.A. political party has committed a disgraceful form of “identity theft” in a self-serving scheme to hijack the good will, the honorable reputation and credibility associated with the Tea Party brand – a brand earned not by the T.E.A political party, but by the individual hard work of thousands of volunteers in the “grass roots” Tea Party movement.

Recent charges in the press of this political party’s unsavory financial dealings and dubious political associations are eroding party loyalty from within.  As more evidence surfaces of a questionable connection between the formation of the Florida T.E.A political party and Democrat Alan Grayson (FL8) CFTPC expects that there will be many more T.E.A. candidate defections.  To those who eventually choose to abandon this troubled political party, we extend an open invitation to join us in the “grass roots” Tea Party movement as we continue in our work of voter education citizen empowerment.

“We thank Mr. Egoroff, Mr. Sawyer and Mr. Taylor for the good judgment shown in resigning their relationships with the T.E.A. political party; and, for having the integrity to distance themselves from the unprincipled activities of its party bosses, explains CFTPC member Jason Hoyt.  “We again call on Peg Dunmire(TEA) to exercise the same integrity and good judgment by withdrawing her T.E.A. candidacy in Florida’s 8th District race.”  

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