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Who Are We As A People, Alan Grayson?

Who Are We As A People, Alan Grayson?

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Representative Alan Grayson makes two announcements this week that give us cause to question who we are as Americans.

His first statement is that he will vote against funding for our troops, who are currently in harm’s way.  These men and women are the best we have to offer as a nation, who were sent to war by our government.  They are our sons and daughters, who simply honor their duty, yet, we have a Congressman who proudly announces that he will not fund their efforts, nor ensure their safety.

Is this who we are, America?

His next statement is touting the preliminary approval of an additional $850,000 in earmarks for the area.  As our national debt reaches catastrophic levels, when government should be reining in spending to avoid a total collapse, Grayson proudly proclaims that he has secured a 500% increase in earmarks over his predecessor, adding millions more to this debt that our children and grandchildren will answer for.

Again, is this who we are as a people?

Consider for a moment why Grayson makes these announcements.  It’s election season and he is in for a tough battle to hold his seat, which traditionally favors conservatives.  He sees these actions as a manner to appeal to the voters in district 8, to win their favor. 

So, is abandoning our troops in the field and passing our obligations on to our children who we’ve become?  Is this the legacy we want to be remembered for, a society that’s incapable of looking past our personal needs and indifferent to the costs of obtaining that? 

Are we a people who’ve become so beholden to an out of control federal government for entitlements that actions such as these appeal to us?  So much so that a politician touts them as a means to bolster his campaign? 

Come November, the residents of district 8 have a choice to make.  The choice is not one politician over another, the choice is what kind of people have we become.  Are we Americans that understand that self reliance and personal responsibility are what made this a great nation, or are we akin to Western Europeans who’ve surrendered their dignity to a benevolent master government that will tend to all their needs? 

Please choose wisely, America.

Tom Tillison


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