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Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History

Bush tax cuts will expire on January 1, 2011



Weak Economic Data Suggest Recovery Is Fizzling

Unemployment claims are up, home sales are plunging and manufacturing growth is slowing.



Huge Tent City Takes Root In Hawaii

Homeless camps cover 50 acres, from Waipio Point, around Middle Loch to Pearl City



National Debt Soars To Highest Level Since WWII

Federal debt will represent 62% of the nation’s economy by end of year



Feds wasted millions in utilities program for poor

Federal program wasted more than $100 million paying the electric bills of thousands of applicants who were dead, in prison or living in million-dollar mansions



US Jobless Claims Surge More Than Expected

Claims for jobless benefits rose to 472,000 in the week ending June 26, an increase of 13,000



And, the best was saved for last…


Pelosi Claims That Unemployment Checks Create Jobs!

Tom Tillison


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