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May The Tea Party Die A Natural Death

We will no longer allow the fox to guard the hen house, as we know the outcome is predictable when we do. We understand that our founding fathers always intended it to be we, the people, who guard our liberty.

Let us all pray that the tea party movement dies a natural death, and in it’s wake, a new army of concerned citizens emerges, ready to take it’s rightful place in the governing of America. It is only then that we can be sure that our children, and our children’s children inherit the country our forefathers envisioned so many years ago…

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Bondi Campaign Calls On Kottkamp To Stop The Gutter Politics

For Immediate Release Contact: Brett Doster Phone: 850-222-8156 Email: [email protected] Bondi Campaign Calls On Kottkamp To Stop The Gutter Politics Kottkamp admits in debate that he personally […]

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The People Vote – Patricia Sullivan WINS Conservative Blog Poll

For Immediate Release Contact: Beth Williams   “PATRIOT ARMY” CATAPULTS SULLIVAN TO VICTORY! The People Vote – Patricia Sullivan WINS Conservative Blog Poll   EUSTIS, FL – […]

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Crist Down To 7 Candidates In Search For Fernández Replacement

Orlando Sentinel

Gov. Charlie Crist’s office said the governor is now considering the qualifications of seven individuals chosen out of 23 applicants to replace suspended Orange County Commissioner Mildred Fernández.

These seven people who were interviewed Thursday by the governor, who will announce his decision next week.

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Recent News Favors Scott over McCollum

Editor’s Note – Things are not looking good for Bill McCollum at the moment. Already behind in the polls, and with this weeks court ruling, Scott is about to turn the money spigot back on.

Can McCollum pull this out? Time is running out and he has yet to capture the imagination of the voters of Florida. Adding to his troubles is a strong anti-incumbent feeling amongst voters.

Perhap’s, it’s time to start sizing up Rick Scott against Alex Sink, who’s seen a recent rise in the polls, largely due to all the mud slinging coming from the Republican side.

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Republican's Fault?

The unanimous complaint from the left side of the political spectrum is that President Barack Obama is in difficulty because the Republicans are not supporting him.

No one seems to notice that Democrats hold the presidency, have an unbreakable majority in the House of Representatives, and even maintain a working 60 percent majority in the Senate (with three reliable GOP votes) to override filibusters.

Democrats have passed trillion dollar stimulus programs, overhauled the entire health care system, boasted of the largest reform of the financial system since the 1930s Depression, and are on the verge of an historic environmental and energy control plan.

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Not That The Constitution Has Mattered Until Now, But…

Since the Obama administration can’t make American citizenship absolutely worthless by passing a law, they’re apparently trying to circumvent the whole process all together, according to Fox News.

Apparently the DNC has already conceded that if they don’t stand a chance of being elected by actual Americans.

November can’t come soon enough, I’m afraid.

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Adams and Diebel: Tax Raising Politicians That Spend Like Liberals!

For Immediate Release Contact: Jon Miller Phone: 407-949-4303 [email protected]      Adams and Diebel: Tax Raising Politicians that spend like liberals!    The campaign for Seminole […]

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O'Donoghue Presses Grayson to Demand Rangel's Ouster

For Immediate Release Contact: Vartan Djihanian Phone: 407-478-4850    O’Donoghue Presses Grayson to Demand Rangel’s Ouster   (Winter Park, Fl)– Conservative small businessman Bruce O’Donoghue this morning […]

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The Bully Pulpit Is Empty

By Ron McCoy
West Orlando Tea Party

Having just attended my first ‘political event’, I was looking forward to seeing my representative from the 8th district of Florida, Alan Grayson.

It was disappointing to find that he was not there. After all, it was in the heart of his district that this political gathering took place.

Was Alan Grayson too busy or too embarrassed, or does he see the writing on the wall?

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Judge Refuses to Let Floridians Vote for Healthcare Freedom, Removes Amendment 9 From Ballot

Yesterday, Circuit Court Judge James Shelfer removed Amendment 9, the Florida Healthcare Freedom Act, from the November 2010 ballot.

Amendment 9 states that any law or rule shall not compel, directly or indirectly, any individual to participate in any health care system against their will. The Act specifies that individuals cannot be fined, penalized or imprisoned for not participating in a mandated health insurance program.

So, what was hailed as one of the significant achievements of the 2010 Legistative Session is no more.

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FL Democrats: Civic Duty Is Only For The Rich & Ruling Class

By Linda O’Keefe
Orlando Political Press

It is a sad day in America! Average citizens exercising their civic duty are now being intimidated by politicians and government bureaucrats.

Volusia Tea Party Patriots is one of many groups nationwide that have been hosting forums with political candidates…

These forums have occurred at meeting rooms in public libraries, private rooms at restaurants, and in banquet rooms of hotels. Very few churches have opened up their doors to these patriots and even fewer union halls! Therefore, there is a cost to hosting such events. These Patriots have principles and passion, but money is scarce in this economy.

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