Alan Grayson Just Doesn't Get It

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Grayson Boasts About Earmark Spending on the Same Day the CBO Announces America’s Debt Will Reach 62% of GDP by Year’s End;

Conservative Challenger Kurt Kelly Says We Need to Return Grayson to His Rightful Owner: MSNBC

OCALA, Fla. (June 30th, 2010) – Conservative small businessman Kurt Kelly today criticized far-out Congressman Alan Grayson for boasting about earmark spending at the same time the Congressional Budget Office was releasing new estimates for our nation’s debt, pointing to the role Grayson’s spend-a-holic habits in Washington have played in this crisis.

According to the non-partisan CBO, by the end of 2010 America’s debt will reach 62% of overall gross domestic product, the highest percentage level since the end of World War II.  When Grayson came into office at the beginning of 2009, the debt equaled about 40 % of the nation’s annual economic output.

“Alan Grayson just doesn’t get it – he’s leading America’s economy off a cliff,” said Kelly.  “The so-called stimulus bill, the auto bailout, nationalized ObamaCare, even earmarks secured by individual Members of Congress – we can’t afford it.”

“In order to stop this fiscal train wreck from continuing,” continued Kelly, “we need to send principled, fiscal conservatives to rein in Washington’s reckless spending habits, and we need to send Alan Grayson back to his rightful owner: MSNBC.”

Kurt Kelly is the founder of a background screening business in Ocala, Florida, and is currently challenging Alan Grayson for the District Eight Congressional seat.  Kelly, the only conservative who can beat Grayson, was recently endorsed by the Associated Industries of Florida, Eagle Forum, and Congressman Cliff Stearns.  For more information about the Kelly for Congress campaign, please visit

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