Recovery Means No 'Undue' Edge For Nations: Obama

obama1Editor’s note – What does Obama mean by these words? 

We often hear conspiracy theorists talk about a ‘New World Order’.  Are we already there and just don’t realize it?  What exactly does Obama see as an ‘undue’ edge?  Wealth?  Military power?

Isn’t his role to ensure that America has an edge?

Is this the ultimate in spreading the wealth around?  Economic justice?

The more this man talks, the more nervous people become.  After nearly two years of hearing the far left twist phrases and manipulate words, why wouldn’t it!  We have always been taught how exceptional America is and we now have a President who makes us feel as if we should be ashamed of that. 

He speaks in code, talks about how the Constitution is a flawed document and calls himself a citizen of the world, yet, we are made out to be wing nuts when we question his true intentions.

We can only hope that we’ll have the answer to that question sooner, rather than later…


Recovery Means No ‘Undue’ Edge For Nations: Obama

US President Barack Obama on Sunday said that countries must not have any “undue advantage” if the world is to build a strong and durable economic recovery.

MSN News

“A strong and durable recovery also requires countries not having an undue advantage,” Obama told journalists at the end of G20 talks in Canada.

“So we also discussed the need for currencies that are market-driven,” he added, welcoming China’s decision to let its yuan float more freely against the dollar.

Tom Tillison


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