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Alex Sink; 'Have To Carry Passport To Go Shopping'

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

What is it about Democrat’s and the far left?  Are they completely incapable of discerning fact from fiction?  In the video below, Alex Sink, running for Governor of Florida, makes the claim that she would have to carry her “passport” to go to the grocery store!  Really???

Does Sink not know that Americans are not even required to have passports unless they travel outside the United States?  What caliber of state executive do we get in Sink if she doesn’t know this basic truth.  Have all on the left so completely bought into the idea that the ‘ends justifies the means’ that truth is no longer a consideration?

This is just another indication that our politicians are not planning to solve the illegal immigration problem in this country. 

And, this applies to the Republican politicians in the state, as well. 

Now that this year’s legislative session is over and there is no need to actually do something, the Republicans in the state are talking about crafting legislation to address the issue.  Of course, this talk taking place just 8 weeks out from the primary and requiring no real action has nothing to do with feeding red meat to the conservative base, right? 

Argue what you will, the truth of the matter is that when the legislature was in session and had the opportunity to do something, they failed to act.  Is it because the over-riding concern was not the devastating effect illegal immgration is having on the legal citizens of Florida, but to pander to the Hispanic voter bloc? 

Truth is, most of those who came to this country legally support enforcement of our immigration laws, but there I go again, letting truth get in the way… 

Tom Tillison


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