Yet Another Tie Between Alan Grayson And The Florida TEA Party

Yet Another Tie Between Alan Grayson And The Florida TEA Party

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

As reported last night by WKMG Local 6 reporter Tony Pipitone, yet another seperate link has been established between Alan Grayson’s campaign and the Florida TEA Party political party. 

Video of that report can be seen here –

To date, $27,898 is now know to have passed between Grayson’s campaign and individuals associated with the Florida TEA Party. 

Pipitone details how TEA Party candidate Raul Rodriquez bought radio ads from radio station WORL, listing himself as treasurer of ‘The Friends to Re-elect Alan Grayson’.  This is the same station that carries Jason Hoyt’s Tea Party Patriots LIVE program, and many suspect this buy was an attempt by Grayson to minimize the attention directed toward his campaign’s ongoing business relationship with Doug Guetzloe’s now defunct radio show.

After yesterday’s debacle where the chairman of the Florida TEA Party, Fred O’Neal, district 8 TEA Candidate Peg Dunmire and Guetzloe all crashed a press conference called by the Central Florida Tea Party Council to demand that Dunmire withdraw her candidacy, it is becoming more and more clear that there are far more questions on just how involved Alan Grayson is with this political party than there are answers forthcoming.

This story is beginning to capture the attention of local media, however, most, if not all, beyond WKMG’s Tony Pipitone, seem to be far more enamored by the supposed ‘conflict’ that exists between the tea party movement and the ‘political party’ than what role Grayson plays in all this. 

Of course, much of this controversy is a product of the media itself, as displayed in one report yesterday that spoke of ‘pushing and shoving’ going on between the two entities.  The pushing and shoving occured between the Florida TEA Party group and the media, with those representing the movement standing aside calmly watching. 

One reporter went so far as to say that he couldn’t highlight that occurance because it would draw attention to his competitors.

The relevance in all of this is that Grayson seems to be actively involved in trying to split the conservative vote in November, greatly increasing his odds of winning re-election.  In fact, it may be his only chance at winning.  The residents of district 8 should be very concerned about the integrity of that election when a U.S. Congressman appears to be doing everything possible to manipulate the outcome.

Tom Tillison


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