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Patricia Sullivan Endorsed for Congress by Sheriff Richard Mack (ret.) of Arizona

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Beth Williams, MBA

Patricia Sullivan Endorsed for Congress by Notorious Defender of our Constitution, Sheriff Richard Mack (ret.) of Arizona

Eustis, Florida – Retired Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County Arizona defender of liberty, freedom, and our Constitution, endorses Patricia Sullivan for Congress in Florida’s 8th District.  Sheriff Mack has personally fought against an intrusive federal government, defeating the Brady Bill and the Clinton Administration in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Sheriff Mack stated, “I am honored to have this opportunity to endorse a great American Patriot, Patricia Sullivan, the People’s Congressional Candidate in Florida’s 8th District.  Patricia is just the New Breed of Representative America needs in Congress leading this Constitutional Renaissance.  Patricia is the Candidate who will represent you and not the special interest groups; she will listen to you and stand up for you, ‘the People’ of the 8th District, without compromising you or her Integrity.  I urge you all to stand with Patricia and support her campaign so that she may stand for you in Washington”.

“Andrew Jackson said ‘One man with courage makes a majority.’  When no one else stood their ground to protect the people from an overbearing Federal Government, Sheriff Mack did.  Then others followed.  In this landmark case against the Clinton administration and the Brady Bill mandates, the Supreme Court decided ‘The Federal Government may not compel the States to enact or administer a federal regulatory program.’  We need leaders in our States willing to stand up for the people, keep their oath to the Constitution, and push back a growing Federal Government.  We also need leaders in Congress who will recognize State Sovereignty and be willing to work within the boundaries of the enumerated powers granted by the Constitution.  I’m honored Sheriff Mack recognizes me as such a leader” replied Patricia.

Learn more at www.PatriciaSullivanForCongress.com and www.sheriffmack.com.


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