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Grayson Ads Placed By Florida Tea Party Consultant Questioned

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Editor’s Note – WKMG Local 6 reporter Tony Pipitone uncovers further financial connections between Florida TEA Party consultant Doug Guetzloe and Alan Grayson, leaving little doubt that an ongoing relationship exists between the two. 

Many in the tea party movement have always suspected as much and the outstanding reporting by Pipitone confirms these fears.

It’s very clear that Grayson, with Guetzloe’s assistance, is attempting to circumvent the will of the people of district 8…not qualified to speak to the legality of Grayson’s actions, however, it doesn’t require a law degree to see that it’s a crime against morality.


Grayson Ads Placed By Florida Tea Party Consultant Questioned

ORLANDO, Fla. — The radio station owner who removed the Florida Tea Party’s top consultant from the airwaves this week said he is informing U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of irregularities in political advertising agreements the party consultant submitted to the station.

WEUS-810 AM owner Carl Como said the station received a check from a company controlled by the Florida Tea Party’s top consultant, Doug Guetzloe, for Grayson campaign ads. But Como cancelled the morning-drive ad buy because Guetzloe refused to produce signed documents stating the Grayson campaign authorized the $750 purchase.

Grayson said Guetzloe has played no role with anyone in his campaign, but refuses to explain how that could be true if, as Como claims, Guetzloe paid for the Grayson ads with a check from Advantage Consultants.

Advantage Consultants is a fictitious name registered to Ax the Tax Inc., a for-profit corporation controlled by Guetzloe, with Florida Tea Party Chairman Fred O’Neal as its corporate secretary, according to state records.

It appears to be another financial link between Grayson and top Florida Tea Party leaders, a link Grayson denies — even after Local 6 Monday documented $20,000 passing from his campaign to a company created by a Florida Tea Party state house candidate with help from Guetzloe. 

 Read More – http://www.clickorlando.com/politics/23997701/detail.html

Tom Tillison


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