YES ON 9 Campaign Launches New Website, Grassroots Education Efforts

June 23, 2010

Contact: Erin VanSickle
[email protected]

(Orlando, FL – June 18, 2010) The YES ON 9 Campaign announced today that it is launching a statewide campaign to educate voters on and promote passage of Amendment 9, the Healthcare Freedom Act. The amendment, sponsored by Senator Carey Baker (R-Eustis) and Representative Scott Plakon (R-Longwood) will appear on the November ballot and seeks to protect Floridians’ right to choose their own healthcare instead of being forced into a government mandate.

“Amendment 9 will protect Floridians from a Massachusetts-style design that forces them to participate in a healthcare plan under the threat of penalties and heavy fines,” said Senator Baker. “Our goal is to educate voters about what could happen to them without the protections that Amendment 9 would put in place.”

Amendment 9, which will appear on the November 2010 ballot, unequivocally states that no government can mandate a Floridian’s participation in a government healthcare scheme against his or her will. Under the leadership of Sen. Baker and Rep. Plakon, the Florida Legislature approved the amendment and over 4,000 citizens have signed on as co-sponsors. The Yes On 9 website,, will serve as a web portal to keep voters informed and engaged, as well as providing up-to-the-minute information on town hall events and activities across the state.

“We agree with the need for meaningful health care reform, but not on the backs of Florida taxpayers, and not at the expense of one of our most fundamental liberties,” concluded Representative Plakon. “The people of Florida deserve the right to decide the amount and kind of health care they want. YES ON 9 will ensure that this right is protected and that bureaucrats won’t come between patients and their doctors.” Visit

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