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Democrat Led Congress Will Not Pass Budget

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budget1Editor’s Note – With our country teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the Democrat led Congress refuses to pass a budget.

It is inconceivable that the American people can let this stand.  Many in the tea party movement call for a balanced budget amendment, yet, what does it matter if Congress simply chooses not to pass a budget at all!

Is this the type of leadership that will lead is from the abyss?  The American people are being failed in a major way, yet, who’s at fault?  Is it the wolf that the American people allow to guard the henhouse, or does the old adage that ‘we get the government we deserve’ apply?

In an unrelated? matter, White House budget director Peter Orszag announced his resignation in July…


Democrat Led Congress Will Not Pass Budget

By Jared Allen
Daily Caller

House Democrats will not pass a budget blueprint in 2010, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) will confirm in a speech on Tuesday.

But Hoyer will vow to crack down on government spending, saying Democrats will enforce spending limits that are lower than what President Barack Obama has called for.

In the scheduled address to the progressive think tank The Third Way, Hoyer will acknowledge that the lower chamber will do things differently this election year.

“It isn’t possible to debate and pass a realistic, long-term budget until we’ve considered the bipartisan commission’s deficit-reduction plan, which is expected in December,” according to Hoyer’s prepared remarks that were provided to The Hill.

The House has never failed to pass an annual budget resolution since the current budget rules were put into place in 1974.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/06/22/dems-won%e2%80%99t-pass-budget/#ixzz0raVDB6s3

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