Money Link Established Between Alan Grayson And The Florida TEA Party!

fullsail_cermony_666f-575x700Money Link Established Between Alan Grayson And The Florida TEA Party!

…And Doug Guetzloe’s Really Bad Day

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

On tonight’s evening news, Local 6 reporter Tony Pipitone exposed a link between Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson and the controversial Florida TEA Party political party. 

A newly formed company, with ties to Doug Guetzloe, received $20,000 from the Grayson campaign for supposed campaign related work. 

The listed officer of that company, Victoria Torres, is a TEA candidate in state House district 51, who claims to have no financial interest in the corporation, even though she received $10,000 in income from it last year. 

When approached by Local 6 for comment, Guetzloe refused to respond to any questions.

When Local 6 began to question Grayson about how his campaign came to find and pay the company Guetzloe helped form, Grayson said, “That is a campaign matter. I’m not going to be disclosing anything more” than required by federal law.

Full report can be found here –

As if this weren’t disturbing enough for Guetzloe, the self proclaimed ‘consultant’ to the Florida TEA Party political party also learned today that his daily radio show has been cancelled.  When WEUS-AM was contacted by phone, an unidentified male confirmed that Guetzloe was no longer on the station, however, when pressed for a reason, stated that he was “unprepared to answer that question” and quickly hung up.

In addition to this action, Kenric Ward, of Sunshine State News, reports that WEUS-AM terminated a station employee, Raul Pantoja, who just happened to be one of the individuals that filed to run as a TEA candidate in House District 73.

Citing “intimidation and a smear campaign by persons associated with the Republican Party,” a familiar line of reason, TEA spokesman Nick Egoroff said his party was gathering affidavits to support a criminal complaint with the U.S. attorney’s office.

Interestingly, Pantoja is an Orlando resident and the district seat is in Ft. Meyers.  State election law does not require legislative candidates to live in the district for which they run — only that they establish residency there before they are sworn into office.

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