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More Troubles For Karen Diebel

More Troubles For Karen Diebel

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Another troubling report from The Riehl World View blog involving district 24 congressional candidate Karen Diebel, suggesting she may have been subjected to a short-term involuntary commitment for mental health issues by police as recently as September of 2008.


The report goes on to urge Diebel and those endorsing her to demand the issue be fully and adequately addressed, justifying the request as so;

My soul reason for wanting to get to the bottom of the matter is to prevent a potential GOP nominee in FL – 24 from being easily defeated by a formidable, well-funded Democrat opponent, Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, in the fall. I’ve no desire to recklessly damage Karen Diebel’s reputation, or tout another candidate. But public service is just that and constituents have a right to know facts and information about public servants they don’t necessarily need to know about private individuals.

The Diebel campaign released a statement on June 8, in response to an initial report of multiple 911 calls to her home, stating that there were issues with the alarm system.  The statement went on to suggest that her ‘rivals’ may be behind the report and requested that all district 24 candidates sign a release condemning ‘sleazy campaign tactics’. 

That statement can be seen here –  http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/news_politics/?p=14875

Tom Tillison


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