Census Workers Aiding Alan Grayson's Campaign?

Census Workers Aiding Alan Grayson’s Campaign?

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Is it possible that your taxpayer money is being spent to help re-elect Alan Grayson? 

An anonymous source has claimed that there are U.S. Census workers canvassing predominately Hispanic neighborhoods in the greater Orlando area looking to register Democrat voters on behalf of Rep. Alan Grayson.

Upon receiving the initial report, the Orlando Political Press chose to sit on the information, as there was little to substantiate the claim.  However, since this first report came in last week, an unrelated source forwarded photos this week that may establish a link.

With fresh memories of ACORN in mind, coupled with recent claims that Alan Grayson has “brought Central Florida politics to an all time low”, the possibility that government employees are being used to assist in Grayson’s re-election suddenly doesn’t seem so far reaching.

Does this warrant an independent investigation by Federal Election Commission?  Perhaps, that is up to the taxpayers of Central Florida…


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Tom Tillison


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