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Experts Say White House 'Misrepresented' Views to Justify Drilling Moratorium

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Editor’s Note – Once again, this administration has proven that the ‘ends justifies the means’ when it comes to advancing it’s Progressive agenda.  Truth and honesty be damned!

This President promised transparency and delivers deceit.  It’s bad enough that integrity is completely missing from this White House, but, the boldness of their actions is astounding. 

How do they expect to modify a report and not have those involved speak out?  Is it because the original goal has been reached by the time the discrepancy is brought to light and they can count on the media to not run with it? 

President Richard Nixon could have taken lessons from Obama and the far left on the art of trickery and deception…


Experts Say White House ‘Misrepresented’ Views to Justify Drilling Moratorium


The seven experts who advised President Obama on how to deal with offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon explosion are accusing his administration of misrepresenting their views to make it appear that they supported a six-month drilling moratorium — something they actually oppose.

The experts, recommended by the National Academy of Engineering, say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar modified their report last month, after they signed it, to include two paragraphs calling for the moratorium on existing drilling and new permits.

Salazar’s report to Obama said a panel of seven experts “peer reviewed” his recommendations, which included a six-month moratorium on permits for new wells being drilled using floating rigs and an immediate halt to drilling operations.

“None of us actually reviewed the memorandum as it is in the report,” oil expert Ken Arnold told Fox News. “What was in the report at the time it was reviewed was quite a bit different in its impact to what there is now. So we wanted to distance ourselves from that recommendation.”

Salazar apologized to those experts Thursday.

Read More – http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/06/10/experts-say-obama-misrepresented-views-justify-offshore-drilling-ban/

Tom Tillison


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