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The Ultimate Hypocrisy – Tea Party Member Punched In Face

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Remember all the stories recently that focused on the violence of the tea party movement, even though there has never been one single instance of violence by a tea party attendee?  Remember Nancy Pelosi’s face being plastered all over the news for days as she tears up over the “angry rhetoric” of the tea party movement?

You will not see much, if any, coverage of this event that took place in North Carolina this week, which makes it clear to anyone who’s paying attention that the corrupt mainstream media is a far greater threat to the future of America than the Progressive left! 

As for it being a black man that is punching a white man, that is insignificant – it’s only a story in America if it were the reverse.


It’s not surprising that the media continue to promote the agenda of the Progressive left, and that it covers for the far left when they’re exposed for their hatred and corruption, after all, there is a shared ideology at play. 

 What is surprising is that YOU, the American public, continue to tolerate this!  What will it take???

Tom Tillison


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