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Rollins College/UCF; Israel And The Radical Prose

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

An op-ed column was posted on the Orlando Sentinel web site today (link below), written by three professors from Rollins College and the University of Central Florida.  The professors are from Turkey, Israel and the United States, and are identified as:

 Benjamin Balak, associate professor and chair of the Department of Economics at Rollins College 

Stephen Day, adjunct instructor of Middle East politics at the Holt School of Rollins College

Hakan Ozoglu, a faculty member in the department of history at the University of Central Florida

The professors, totally ignoring the fact that thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, are quick to condemn Israel for what took place on board the flotilla ship this past week, going so far as to suggest that the ‘peace activists’ had the right to defend their ship.  Despite video that clearly shows the ‘peace activits’ attacking the Israeli soldiers before their feet were even on solid ground.

Just as has been predicted, the professors are painting this as a humanitarian issue and are invoking the spirit of Martin Luther King as they talk about the rights of the Palenstinians, which is an insult to Dr. King, who advocated peaceful resistance, not beating soldiers over the head with metal pipes.

All of this comes as no surprise, after all, it’s come to be standard fare from the far left. 

What is of concern here is that this is a strong indication of the type of indoctrination that your children are being exposed to in these two learning institutions.  Of course, the professors will be quick to point out that this action took place outside the classroom, however, it’s a clear indication of their far left ideology and an even better indication of the bias of their opinion.

If you have children or family members attending Rollins or UCF, be afraid, be very afraid…of the radical prose that is shaping their developing minds.


Tom Tillison


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