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Patricia Sullivan Gains Tea Party Endorsments By One Nation PAC & Liberty First PAC

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For Immediate Release
Beth Williams, MBA


Patricia Sullivan Joins Sharron Angle, Michele Bachmman, J.D. Hayworth, Jim DeMint, and Marco Rubio as one of 20 Candidates to Take the Hill in 2010

Eustis, Florida – The people once again select Patricia Sullivan as the grassroots organization One Nation PAC issues their endorsement today. ONP officially launched their Take the Hill 2010 campaign, selecting 10 Senate, 10 House, and 5 gubernatorial candidates to promote across the country!

A driving force to bring conservative values back to our government and carry the voice of the people to Washington, Patricia Sullivan was chosen as a key member of the “Take the Hill 2010” Campaign. “I am humbled knowing that One Nation PAC had 435 Congressional Candidates to look at and they chose me to be one of 10 receiving their support,” responded, Patricia.

Along with Patricia Sullivan ONP selected Michele Bachmman, Dana Walsh, Charles Djou, Doug Hoffman, and Col. Allen West to support in their Congressional Campaigns. Kelly Eustis stated, “they stand for our core conservative values and we will hold each accountable!” One Nation PAC is a conservative Political Action Committee dedicated to the ideals of lower taxes, limited government, strong national defense, energy independence, common sense healthcare, environmental conservation, superior education, and family values.

Learn more about One Nation PAC and the “Take the Hill 2010” Campaign at http://www.onenationpac.org/, and Join the Growing Revolution to Take the Hill in 2010 by becoming a member of Patricia’s “Patriot Army” at www.PatriciaSullivanForCongress.com.

In addition, Patricia announced receiving a major endorsement from the grassroots organization Liberty First PAC. Liberty First PAC includes several nationally recognized Tea Party Movement organizations such as the National Tax Day Tea Party, the American Liberty Alliance, the DontGo Movement, and the Patriot Caucus.

Eric Odom stated, “Patricia Sullivan is no stranger to the tea party movement. Patricia is an authentic tea party organizer who has been a vital part of the movement since it first began. We’re very proud to stand with Patricia Sullivan in her effort to defeat incumbent Alan Grayson in Florida’s 8th Congressional District.”


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