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Obama Tries To Reassure Seniors On Health Reform

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Will the senior citizens of Florida ignore the long term implications of Congress slashing Medicare reimbursement to doctors and health centers discontinuing offering in-house routine tests and services . It is hard not to realize that Obamacare will result in the rationing of health care especially in cardiology and oncology, which are the two specialties that the majority of senior citizens seek.

Today, Obama and his single-payer advocates are having a national “Tele-Townhall” which I suspect will be no more than just aa propaganda event rigged with members of special interest groups like the AARP and AFL-CIO. If you care to participate in this televised event, you may do so at this Orlando location:

Alliance for Retired Americans
Double Tree Hotel (entrance to Universal Orlando)
5780 Major Boulevard

Obama tries to reassure seniors on health reform

By William Gibsom

President Obama plans to take questions from senior citizens around the country this morning to shore up support for the health-care reform law.

The main purpose of the “tele-town hall” is to inform seniors about the particulars of the law and protect them from scam artists who already have tried to take advantage of some of the provisions.

The backdrop is that many seniors are wary or confused or downright angry about the new law, which includes cuts to Medicare, notably plans run by HMOs. These plans are especially popular in South Florida, where some older voters have turned against the administration.

Obama and other Democratic leaders are trying to reassure this big voting bloc before the congressional elections in November.

The “tele-town hall” will be broadcast from a senior center in Wheaton, Maryland.

Read More – http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/dcblog/2010/06/obama_tries_to_reassure_senior_1.html


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