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Media Corruption – Any Questions?

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Editor’s Note – For the very last holdouts that believe anything coming from the mainstream media in today’s world, here is a shocking example of a picture being cropped to remove any evidence of the violence that took place on board the ship Mavi Marmara by so called “peace activists”.

What has also been downplayed is that many of the Israeli soldiers went on board with ‘paint-ball’ guns, having no reason to expect the ambush that awaited them.  This event was a set up from the very beginning to provoke the Israelis, and the media is complicit in this effort.

From ‘little green footballs’ –

Reuters published this picture from the “peace activists” –


This next picture was on the IHH web site
(IHH is the Islamist group whose members rioted aboard the Mavi Marmara)

You can clearly see a knive in one activist’s hand, as well as blood-


A further close up of this –


And, upon even closer review, you can see a badly wounded Israeli soldier on the ground. 
All of which is removed in the photo published by Reuters!

Tom Tillison


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