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Ultrasound bill sits on Crist's desk

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According to John Stemberger and the Florida Family Policy Council, the fate of HB1143, popularly known as the Ultrasound Bill, rests in the hands of Governor Crist. The state legislature hand-delivered the landmark legislation on Monday, giving the governor 15 days to sign it into law, according to an email message sent out earlier today.

According to the email, the Ultrasound bill “bans federal and state taxpayer dollars from funding abortions in Florida and requires Ultrasound pictures and information be provided to women seeking abortions. The result can be saving thousands of babies once their mothers realize they are carrying a living, healthy baby.”

Supporters of the bill are concerned that Charlie Crist will violate his previous pro-life position and veto the bill. Such a move would certainly be a risk for Crist, whose ambitions for the US Senate are already teetering and may not withstand a certain backlash from both conservatives and pro-life moderates.

The email asks for donations to fund the statewide efforts to educate people about the bill and encourages concerned citizens to contact the governor and urge him to sign it into law. The full text of the email alert is posted on the Citizen2Citizen website.


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