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Karen Diebel's Interesting Day

Karen Diebel’s Interesting Day

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Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

The day started out on a very positive note for the Karen Diebel campaign with the announcement of a major endorsement – Gov. Mike Huckabee – in her quest to be the Republican opponent of choice to take on Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas here in Florida’s district 24.

The day then began to get strange…

Erick Erickson, well respected conservative founder of RedState, posted a blog this afternoon titled ‘Is Karen Diebel OK?’   In this blog, he details a series of 911 calls from Diebel’s home in 2007  “that are either real and very bizarre, or suggests something is not right with Karen Diebel.” 

According to the police reports, which you can view here (PDF), Diebel’s son found a snake in their swimming pool — a common occurrence in Florida — and called the police about. Diebel claimed her political opponents put it in the swimming pool.

Additionally, Diebel claimed to be the swing vote on a light rail issue and claimed her home had been bugged and she was being spied upon.


If that weren’t bad enough, the day then got even stranger when the Washington Post picked up the story, and posted this quote by Anthony Bonna, Diebel’s campaign manager;

“We are running against very desperate opponents, whose campaigns are struggling. And they’re doing everything she can to stop our momentum.” “I’m not sure where these stories are coming from, but our campaign is really focused on conservative issues.”


Bonna begins his statement speaking in plurality, yet ends the statement with a “she”?  It’s puzzling, however, it is worth noting that there is only one other female in the race, state Rep. Sandy Adams

And, why is it that the Washington Post would take an interest in this story?

Something tells me that the primary challenge in district 24 is going to get real interesting in the coming days…

Tom Tillison


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