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Memories of D-Day Still Vivid

Tulsan saw ‘the worst’ at Normandy, Battle of Bulge

By Manny Gamallo
World Staff Writer

Bob Plumlee was an eyewitness to history, but there was no way he could describe what he saw. It was just too shocking.

As hard as he tried, Plumlee could not describe it. His emotions bottlenecked in his throat as he tried to speak.  His eyes began glistening with tears, and then he looked away for a minute or two as he tried to regain his composure.

The memories of that day 66 years ago still haunt this 88-year-old.

“It was the worst thing I’d seen up until then,” he said of the American bodies strewn up and down Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

“It shocked all of us.”

Plumlee remembers his gut feelings that day as he and other troops and armor were loaded in the early morning darkness onto ships for the short hop across the English Channel.  “Yes, I was scared. We all were. But we knew it was a job that had to be done. And we knew that the sooner we did it, the sooner we’d be going home,” he said.

Freedom Isn’t Free



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