Jobs Score Card: Private Sector 41,000 Government 411,000

Government job growth is eerily similar to my golf game
Government job growth is eerily similar to my golf game

These days government job growth is eerily similar to my golf game. Both are way too high and are not showing any signs of decreasing in the near future. This month, tax payer dollars were spent to grow the size of government over the size of the private sector by a factor of 10.

Here’s how socialists and fascists think: grow the government, shrink the economy. Spend tax payers dollars for really important things like the a Census, while the average person waits around for the job offer that never comes.

Here’s how genuine Americans and free market economists think: government job counts are like your golf score–lower is better. Anybody up for a round?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Private employers hired fewer workers than expected in May, a setback for the labor market recovery, even as temporary census hiring pushed overall payrolls growth to its fastest pace in 10 years.

The Labor Department said on Friday payrolls rose 431,000 as the government hired 411,000 workers to conduct the population count. That was the largest monthly increase since March 2000 and marked a fifth straight month of gains.

But private employment, a barometer of labor market strength, increased just 41,000 after rising 218,000 in April, as employers opted to increase hours rather than hire new workers. The average workweek rose to 34.2 hours from 34.1 hours in April.

Source: Yahoo! Finance


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